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Personalised Rock Candy

You are not limited to producing personalised rock candy for just weddings.

Baby showers – blue, pink with boy, girl lettering

Special birthdays – 18, 21, 30, 40 ….your name and age (if you’re game!)

Club colours for fundraising

Business promotions

Personalised Rock CandyNaturally as these are handmade there is a minimum order quantity (10kg) and your order needs to be confirmed and paid for a minimum of 5 weeks before your event.

There are a few decisions you will need to make:

Flavour: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, mango, banana, pineapple, blueberry,
blackberry, orange, lemon, watermelon, passionfruit, kiwifruit, peppermint,
spearmint, musk, aniseed, butterscotch, cola

Colour/s: red, orange, yellow, blue, apple green, dark green, light brown, dark
brown, violet, black, pink, white – you can have up to 3 colours around the
outside as long as one of them is the same colour as your text

Stick rock candy comes individually wrapped and sealed. The minimum order quantity will give you around 120 sticks.
Bagged rock candy comes in either 50g or 100g bags with your choice of label message. The minimum order quantity is sufficient for 100 to 200 bags.

We no longer make the rock candy ourselves but these are the two best suppliers I have found for personalised rock candy – the links will take you directly to their contact information:

Design-a-Candy  http://www.designacandy.com.au/forms.htm

Candy Kitchen  http://www.candykitchen.com.au/range.php


Personalised Rock Candy Bags


Have a great celebration!