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Lolly Buffet | Candy Buffet

Christmas-lolly-buffet-ballsWhatever the celebration, a lolly buffet, candy buffet or sweets bar will bring a smile to your guest’s faces and fill them with more energy for celebrating with you!

I’m here to help.  I can suggest colour co-ordinated treats, special themed selections, old favourites and more.

As a general rule of thumb I allow 100g of lollies for each guest. I also think its important to have lollies that are easily recognised by all your guests. This encourages them to sample the buffet and not leave you with lollies to get through after the event! You can then work out how much your lolly buffet supplies will cost. Add to this the containers (glass bowls set the lollies off to best advantage), tongs for serving and bags for your guests to take their selection away if required.



WANT TO DO A COLOUR THEME?  Here are a variety of choices for each colour.