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Brown Lollies | Brown Chocolates

The Brown Selection:  click on the image for more details

jersey caramel
Jersey Caramels
Caramel Kisses or Coconut Quivers
Caramel Kisses
Butterscotch (only available with Lolly Buffet package)
Coke Bottles
Cola Bottles
Fizzy Coke Bottles
Fizzy Cola Bottles
malt balls
Malt Balls
Milk Chocolate Bullets
Milk Chocolate Bullets
coconut rough
Coconut Rough
Chicos or Chico Babies

If you are after a totally brown lolly buffet here is a suggested list enough for 30 people:

  • 500g jersey caramels
  • 500g caramel kisses
  • 500g cobbers
  • 500g coconut rough
  • 500g malt balls
  • 500g cola bottles