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Salty Licorice

Salty liquorice, salmiak or salmiakki is a variety of liquorice that contains a
relatively large amount of ammonium chloride (“salmiac”) in addition to the liquorice root extract, sugar and starch or gum arabic that constitute regular liquorice.

Ammonium chloride has a spicy taste that vaguely resembles that of sodium chloride (table salt). However, salty liquorice does not necessarily contain any sodium. Although some types of regular liquorice can also contain a small amount of ammonium chloride, salty liquorice can contain up to about 8 percent of ammonium chloride.

Moreover, the salty taste is typically less masked by a high sugar content compared to regular liquorice.

Salty liquorice is popular in the Nordic countries, as well as Northern Germany, the Netherlands and the Baltic states.

The most popular three strengths of salty licorice are single, double and triple. The single is a round disk resembling Euro coins, the double a smaller thicker round pastille (about the size of a fruit gum) and the triple is a rectangular block.

The most popular is the single salted – particularly with folks making an effort to stop smoking.

As I have mentiond above the ingredient strength of the salmiac makes the “strength” of the licorice so the common ingredients are sugar, glucose syrup, modified starch, gelatine, salmiak salt, sweet wood extract, aromas, colour, vegetable oil, beeswax.

You will get 28 coins in 100g of single salt licorice, 44 pastilles in 100g of double salt licorice and 30 blocks in 100g of triple salted licorice.

Just like good old Vegemite, salty licorice is an acquired taste although I do have a regular who comes in to buy for her mother-in-law and always asks for “the worst tasting lolly you have”!


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