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Red Licorice

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red-licorice-faceTraditional black licorice has been around for centuries but these days we have an increasing fan base for red licorice.

In Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States, there is a product known as red licorice, which is extruded in a way to resemble licorice, but is made with strawberry, cherry, raspberry, or cinnamon flavourings as the main flavourings rather than licorice.

Red licorice is sold individually as straps and it is suitable for vegan and dairy-free diets. It contains: raw sugar, wheat flour, wheat glucose syrup, treacle, maize starch, cane sugar, vegetable oil, raspberry flavour, food acids, colour, emulsifiers, mineral salt.

Red licorice has been in production since 1952. Whilst the common name is red licorice
this candy has little connection to actual licorice root in flavour. Its name is a reflection of the production method and the resemblance of the finished product to black licorice.

For a different summer treat, make your own flavoured ice blocks and use a red licorice twist in each one to replace the ice cream stick!

Thanks to work experience student Jemima for updating this post (and the new photo!!).

As with black licorice, red licorice (Ricci brand twists made in Australia) are available by special order (box of 260).


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