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Chocolate Bullets

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Milk Chocolate Bullets

Bullets would have  to be the most popular of the licorice confectionery in the shop. We carry both milk chocolate and dark chocolate coated licorice stubs called bullets.





red licorice bulletsAlso now available is a white chocolate coated red licorice bullet. The licorice has a raspberry flavour and the white chocolate is a rich style made with condensed milk rather than skim milk powder as is the  case for many white chocolate products.


You’ll get 33 bullets in 100g and the black licorice ones contain wheat, flour, molasses, sugar, water, vegetable fat,  colour(150), licorice extract, emulsifier(471), flavour preservative(200), milk solids, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, soy lecithin 476, glazing agent(904), starch(tapioca). Red licorice bullets don’t contain molasses but do have additional flavour and colour additives.


Bullets  gained their name from the shape of the licorice stub and the coating that has a rounded end in much the same way as a bullet. A similar shape and licorice based lolly is a licorice confit, sometimes called a candy bullet – this has a hard candy covering over the licorice instead of chocolate. I find the milk choclate coated bullets are the first of my lollies to show any heat stress – this may be due to the licorice reacting to the heat and then counterreacting with the chocolate. It makes them stick to the sides of the glass jar they are kept in but doesn’t discolour the chocolate or change the taste. The bulk supply in a polythene bag in a cardboard box also has the same reaction.

Bullets appear to be favoured by my male clients more than the women but there is no general age group of fans – it covers all ages from 8 year olds to eighty year olds. I guess we have to say that somes lollies will always be around!


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