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Black Cats

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Black Cats


Black cats are another of our aniseed flavoured lollies. They are a jelly lolly in the shape of a sitting cat, not soft like jubes but rather the consistency of fruit gums. Aniseed has a reputation for being very good for digestion and I think for one of my customers it must also be good for a hangover as he generally comes in late on a Saturday morning and seems to have finished eating them before he starts the car again!


Black cats are great for halloween cakes on orange icing whether you are having a large cake or lots of cupcakes.


You will get 23 black cats in 100g and the are made with glucose syrup (wheat), sugar, starch(wheat), water, humectant(glycerine), gelatine, flavours, colours(102,122,133). Our black cats are suitable for those with lactose intolerance.


There is a group of local fishermen who use aniseed balls to attract  fish to their lines but I think the black cats would dissolve if they tried to use them although the aniseed smell seems to be stronger with the cats. In Ancient Rome the cat was sacred to Diana, the moon goddess. Here the cat was also considered a guardian of homes and a symbol of domestic goodness. In Muslim lore, the cat is honored for saving Mohammad from an attack by a fierce snake. In Norse legend the cat is depicted drawing the chariot of their fertility goddess, Freyja, and therefore the cat is thought of as a blessing upon newborns and a good omen for those increasing their family ranks.

Is there some connection between ancient beliefs and our current lollies? Its interesting that these are the only lolly I know of still produced in the shape of a cat…..and I cant think of any in the shape of a dog, although we have plenty of frogs, lizards, snakes, worms and grubs.What does that say about the minds of those who are deciding our lolly choices?

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