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Aniseed Sparkles

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Aniseed Sparkles


Aniseed sparkles (or simply, sparkles) are a star shaped aniseed flavoured jelly covered in hundreds and thousands.

Sparkles have a very engaging shape – a small star- this combined with the covering of hundreds and thousands will often see children point them out as their choice. I make sure they know that this choice will taste like black jelly beans not chocolate as they tend to expect that aniseed sparkles are really just a different shape of freckle – the chocolate disks covered in hundreds and thousands or sprinkles.

I have two regular customers for aniseed sparkles at both ends of the age spectrum. One is a home care nurse who buys the 2kg bag to keep her going between patients and driving; the other is a four year old girl who has a particular taste for all varieties of licorice (she does have Dutch heritage).

You will get about 15 aniseed sparkles in 100g. They contain glucose(wheat), sugar, water, gelatine, wheat starch, tapioca starch, food acid(330), colours (102, 110, 123, 129, 133), flavours, glazing agents (903), preservative(202). I store them in a glass jar with a screw top lid and each time I open the jar the strong aniseed aroma comes out to greet my clients.

Their shape lends itself to decoration for birthday cakes and they are the only confectionery we currently have in a star shape, although I do remember a coconut flavoured chocolate star that we could buy in the 1970s.If anyone knows where to source these, please drop me line.

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