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Aniseed Rings | Aniseed Hoops

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aniseed rings

Dark Chocolate Aniseed RingsAniseed rings (or hoops) are a jelly aniseed flavoured ring, that are either granulated sugar coated or  covered in milk or dark chocolate.

Aniseed, also called Anise is the fruit or seed from the flowering plant, Pimpinella anisum. This herbaceous, flowering annual plant is a member of the parsley family, and related to caraway, dill, cumin, and fennel.

Aniseed is native to the eastern Mediterranean region and has been highly valued since ancient times. Aniseeds have a distinctive licorice-like flavor and have been used for medicinal purposes throughout history, especially as a digestive aid.



I would say that this is one of the products where the dark chocolate version is more popular as a bulk purchase than the milk chocolate version. I had a couple of ladies who came in for $10 worth in between their trips to Lightning Ridge for opal mining excursions and the local cafe owner who came in when she felt like a treat at the end of a particularly trying day.

You’ll get 7 aniseed rings in 100g. The aniseed flavour in the rings is not pure aniseed extract but a flavour additive.

Aniseed rings are also known as Dark Aniseed Hoops and Milk Aniseed Hoops.

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