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ISM – Belgium

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ISM – Belgium: Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels

At ISM in 2012, Belgium was the partner country so we had a whole pavilion full of master craftsmen working their magic live with chocolate…..tough job, I know!

With 86 product exhibitors as well as some manufacturing equipment suppliers, it was a professionally impressive display of their acknowledged expertise in the specialty chocolate field.

And then we started the tastings…….

Belgian Chocolatier1







Belgian Chocolatier2








In another post I talked about the flying saucer (UFOs) stand, however, my favourites are still the Starbrook Airlines offerings – great tasting product in unique packaging that goes well with our old furniture and retro styles at the Lolly Shop Wangi. New to me were the car based tins and boxes, I hope we can add them to the shop soon.

Starbrook Airways Chocolates


But there was also :

  • Caramelised biscuit spread made from butter based speculoos biscuits by Anna Faggio;
  • single origin chocolate collection of “flavours of the world” by Centho-Chocolates;
  • no added sugar chocolate from Cavalier (since 1996) now with natural sweetener Stevia;
  • more flavours from Choc-o-Lait, the original Belgian chocolate on a spoon for decadent hot chocolate (these are the ones I had in the shop at Christmas, sold out in 10 days);
  • coconut figures of fruit and carrots from Cocomas;
  • tagatose, a new natural sugar substitute with a prebiotic function from Damhert Nutrition;
  • Suchoc – Belgian chocolates in traditional Japanese sushi shapes;
  • and, of course, the original producer of the “love them or hate them” UFOs – a rice paper disc filled with tangy sherbet from Astra Sweets.

On the manufacturing side, we had to walk past the continuous stream of white, dark and milk chocolate from the machines of Prefamac. Some of them come in a colour range – they have them in colour matched living rooms in their brochure….I know a few living rooms here that would be happy to have one installed!

Chocolate on Tap

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