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ISM 2012 – Ireland

in Confectionery Trade Shows

Although we’ve always had access to individual flavour jelly beans either made here or the US manufactured Jelly Belly variety, I was interested in tasting the Irish made Jelly Bean Factory products.

Jelly Bean factory catalogue

There was a great deal of publicity surrounding these products at ISM, particularly focussing on the fact that they are free from artifical colours and flavours, gmo/gluten/nut/fat/gelatine free as well.

Here’s my tasting notes from the samples we were given in Cologne.

Lemon and Lime – flavour burst like lemon, lime soda with soft chewy bean

Caramel Popcorn – hard to actually distinguish the flavour, might have been marshmallow

Mango – tropical but not definitively mango

Sour Lemon – good lemony almost grapefruit flavour right to the end
Strawberry Smoothie – another one with a less than obvious flavour, but clearly strawberry

Passionfruit – again a subtle rather than strong flavour, more obvious at the end

Cinnamon – very clear and distinct cinnamon flavour, good cleansing taste, not too sweet

Cola – another good flavour, not too strong

Cafe Latte – this is my favourite, perfect flavour all the way to the end, streets ahead of the US produced one I tried yesterday

Raspberry jam – subtle but pleasant.

Jelly Bean Factory samples

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