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ISM 2012 – Innovation Part 3

in Confectionery Trade Shows

Here is the final group of concept designs from the students at Cologne International Design School.

mummstersMummsters – another Halloween offering, these are various shaped lollipop characters wrapped in “bandages”. You have to pull the bandage off, spinning the lollipop to reveal the character inside.



dragon-spellDragon Spell – six small jars containing effervescent powders, candy spiders and flavoured liquid that turns to foam with a cauldron and mixing rods in a spell box. You are the wizard and decide what flavour texture and colour your personalised candy will have.



meltiesMelties – chocolate (pirates), banana (monsters) and strawberry (mermaids) flavoured characters that melt and release their flavour when floated on the top of a cup of milk. The packaging is a cup of milk with two characters in a separate compartment on top.


giving-gift-gumGiving Gift Gum – Each piece of gum is individually wrapped as a gift box. Opening the packet by sliding it, reveals a paper doll who appears to be offering you the gift of gum.




sweet-toothSweet Tooth – soft wine gums shaped like teeth contained in a package that has a spinning tin “head” to dispense the teeth.




love-airLove IS In The Air – consists of a glass jar filled with transparent candies in the shape of wrappers for candy. Each wrapper has a coloured stripe to indicate the flavour. The concept is that only love fills the air of the jar – that is the gift being given.



new-sweet-homeNew Sweet Home – wine gums contained in packages that depict new home styles.





daily-sweetsDaily Sweets – a flat chocolate wrapped in a random newspaper article for easy insertion into a morning paper on the breakfast table.




I’m sure there is a market for quite a few of these – my favourite is the helium gobstoppers!

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