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ISM 2012 – Innovation Part 1

in Confectionery Trade Shows

Using the theme “Sweets and Snacks as Gifts” students from the Cologne International School of Design created 20 fun and fabulous ideas, displayed as part of ISM 2012. Here are some of their offerings and notes from the designers.

maxterMaxter – a sweet mixing gun, lets people create their own personal sweet. By placing the ingredient blocks in the gun and pressing the trigger, a mixture is made and ready to consume.


wishing-popsWishing You – a flavoured bubblegum in four animal shapes contained in a trianglar box atop a pencil. Each animal symbolises a different quality: lion for courage, bee for ambition, owl for wisdom, dolphin for friendship.


im-so-sorryI’m a Fool – A two part packaged lolly that can be mixed together to share if the apology is accepted.




Choco Camera – A gift for children who enjoy taking photos. Load the camera with 5 different animal illustrations, get them to “take the photo” and out pops a flat chocolate version.

jail-breakerJail Breaker – is more about the packaging than the sweet. To unlock the package you set a special date that the recipient and you consider special because he/she helped you out of a bad situation. You write a hint to this date on the “lock board” on the package.



cakeEmergency Gift – is a pack containing a birthday cake, candle and confetti to provide a celebration when you have not had time to organise a gift. It is sealed for long life in minimal packaging.



grey-matterGrey Matter – is a sweet to help students study for exams. It is made from small pieces of coloured and flavoured chewing gum to form the shape of a brain.




I-like-itI Like It – is a wine gum in the shape of a thumbs up. There is a QR sticker on the back of the package where you can set a special message or leave a comment.



I will share some more of these great ideas in a couple more posts.