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ISM 2012 – Egypt

in Confectionery Trade Shows
chocolate gold bars

A table of gold bars greeted us at the start of the Egyptian manufacturers displays. These were various grades of chocolate wrapedd in shiny gold foil to look like gold ingots and are available for specialty shops and corporate functions.

Having tasted the “gold” we moved on to the “factory of happiness” – Sima, who have been producing lollipops, chocolate, boiled lollies, wafers, gum and toffee products since 1961. My favourite here were the little wrapped squares of chocolate filled with coconut which come in 1kg jars……mmmmm

Then back to Covertina, the makers of the gold ingots, to see more of their range, mostly bars and gift boxes and tins. Some dietary alternatives in the filled bars with mango or banana fondant and cocoa butter substitutes. We were fascinated (and amused) by some of the names that don’t really translate successfully into English – Jet Love, Dobi lollipops, Japonees (coconut coated chocolate),Dooza (pineapple jelly and nougat coated in chocolate), and Crispoo (no comment).

Egypt confectionery

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