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pineapple chews

Pineapple chews are a pineapple flavoured nougat rectangle covered in milk chocolate. They are also known as pineapple lumps, but as there is also a UK hard boiled sweet called a pineapple lump, here at the Lolly Shop Wangi we refer to the chocolate coated ones as chews.

Pineapple chews are a favourite of New Zealanders who also fall into two camps – ones who prefer the soft style (produced by Robin Foods) and those who love the harder variety (produced by Pascall). I like the softer ones best but you can always put them in the freezer for a while to harden them up. The  advantage of the harder ones, according to the experts, is that they are chewier so last longer.


You will get  15 pineapple chews in 100g. They contain sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable oil, water, cocoa powder, gelatine, skim milk powder, maltodextrin, pineapple juice concentrate, flavours, emulsifiers, colours and are suitable for  gluten and nut free dietary constraints/choices.


As I said in an earlier post about Allens Pineapples, the pineapple fruit has been a great commercial crop in Australia since the late 1800s. I wonder if the popularity of pineapple flavour in New Zealand confectionery is a reflection of the Pacific origins of the Maori people?

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