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Chocolate Frogs

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Chocolate Frogs

In 1930, the MacRobertson’s chocolate company were looking to add a new product to their children’s range. Initial designs for chocolate mouse were rejected, as Harry Melbourne felt that women and children were afraid of mice and would dislike the product. It was instead decided to produce a chocolate frog, branded as “Freddo Frog”.

Whilst Freddo frogs are an upright frog, our chocolate frogs in either milk or white chocolate are closer to an authentic biological model. This makes them ideal for that old favourite for childrens parties – Frogs in the Pond.


Frogs in the Pond Recipe
2 x 65g packets of lime jelly
8 chocolate frogs

Make up jelly following the instructions on the packet. Place the hot liquid in the fridge for 45 minutes to cool (taking care the jelly does not set).
Divide 8 chocolate frogs between 4 small serving bowls. Pour the cooled liquid into the bowls and immerse the frogs. Return jelly to the fridge and chill for one to two hours or until set.

You can replace the chocolate frogs with jelly snakes, red or green frogs or even the sour variety known as Cane Toads!

White Chocolate Frog
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