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Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

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Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Chocolate coated coffee beans have made a welcome return to our shelves in the last few months. Previously we carried a mixed version of white, dark and milk chocolate but had to stop them when we experienced a particularaly unpleasant summer without air conditioning in the shop. Now the air con has been installed and I have sourced a relaible supplier of milk chocolate coated coffee beans.

Just the aroma is enough to have me seeing if there is a need for “quality control”!!

The coffee beans are roasted then coated with chocolate in the enrobing process. The beans are as hard as a peanut to eat and about the same size. They are usually only slightly sweet(from the chocolate) and the intense, bitter flavor of the coffee beans can be overwhelming for non-coffee drinkers.

Like all chocolate products, they are rich in saturated fat, and since their main ingredient is coffee beans, they are very high in caffeine. However, they also contain antioxidants and certain vitamins, so they may be beneficial when eaten in moderation.

You will get approximately 50 in 100g of choc coated coffee beans.

These morsels can also be used as decoration on cakes and sophisticated desserts such as tiramisu……or just eaten on their own.


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