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Wizz Fizz Sherbet

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Original Wizz Fizz SherbetWizz Fizz Sherbet

Many millions of people in Australia have grown up with Fyna’s confectionery brands and all remember Wizz Fizz – over 17 million Wizz Fizz Sherbet sachets are sold in Australia each year.

Wizz Fizz sherbet is made by a simple process of mixing the ingredients to a set recipe. The mix is then conveyed to a sachet packing machine where it gets packed. Using the latest in pouch filling technology Fyna can produce up to 2240 sachets per minute of Wizz Fizz sherbet every day.

Wizz Fizz Disney PackagingFyna Foods commenced operations in Richmond, Victoria, in the 1940s manufacturing sherbet confectionery under the Wizz Fizz brand name. During this time a licensing relationship with Disney developed, with Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Hop-a-long Cassidy displayed on Wizz Fizz packaging.

Extensions to the Wizz Fizz range included Lollipops and Sherbet Cones – the Sherbet Cones are available from the Lolly Shop Wangi by special order (box of 24).


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