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White Knights

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White Knight - the mighty mint chew

Along with Bobbies and Curls, Mint Patties and Golden Roughs, White Knights have been a long time favourite for Aussies.

A White Knight is a chocolate coated, chewy, mint flavoured confectionery bar. It is manufactured by Nestle Australia. The packaging is blue and white and features a picture of a knight on a horse. Its slogan is ‘Mighty Mint Chew’.

The 25 gram bar is composed of a white, mint flavoured chewy centre coated in milk chocolate.

It the 1980s the bar used to lay on top of a piece of cardboard within the wrapper. On the reverse of the card was a picture of a fictional knight which could be bent at the base to stand up. Kids would aim to trade and collect the set of these knights. Sadly this is no longer part of the current packaging.


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