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Treasure Chest Cake | Pirate Party

in Aussie Favourites

Here is a fabulous creation from Christine in WA – we supplied the coins and ring pops.

Treasure Chest Cake


Once again this is not a recipe for the cake but my suggestions for decorating it using lollies and chocolates.

To make this cake I suggest using a slab madeira or some other solid texture cake to give you some solidity for carving and filling. Here there are two cakes, covered in chocolate butter icing with fruit rollup strips and smarties for the brass bands found on treasure chests. Wedges of cake hold the two sections partially opened so that you can fill the inside with “treasure”. Christine has used chocolate coins (about 12 in a bag) candy necklaces and bracelets, ring pops and wine gums (look like jewels). For around the base of the chest you could use either cake crumbs or jelly crystals to resemble sand.

If you wanted to have it a bit more gruesome for your pirates, you could add witchetty grubs, snakes and gummi bones!

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