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Sugared Almonds

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Sugared Almonds


The giving of bomboniere with sugared almonds is a traditional gesture and a sweet way to thank your guests for all their best wishes and their generous gifts. Most commonly this has been a small tulle package containing 5 sugared almonds attached to a figurine. The five sugared almonds are for each guest to eat to remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.

Five wishes for the new husband and wife – health, wealth, happiness, children and long life.

Each of the coloured sugared almonds has its own special meaning so it is easy for you to perfectly theme your special occasion.

White     For purity, fidelity & weddings
Pink     For female religious ceremonies
Blue     For male religious ceremonies
Green     For Courtship, engagement
Yellow     For welcoming guests
Orange  New beginnings
Mauve     For hope
Red     For graduations
Silver     For 25th Anniversaries
Gold      For 50th Anniversaries

I recently provided for a wedding where the bride come in and asked for 200 white and mauve sugared almonds. I thought she meant 200g and duly picked out the colours from the jar. As I was putting them into a bag she quietly said – I need 200 individual almonds in those colours…..we both had a good laugh whilst I continued to pick thorough the rest of the jar for her!


Due to the specialised requirements for most buyers of sugared almonds, I don’t offer these online. I do, however, recommend Quinzi’s Confectionery www.quinzi.com.au (based in South Australia) for an outstanding product both in quality and choice. They even have chocolate mint coated sugared almonds…….mmmmm

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