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soft jubes

Soft jubes are a fruit flavoured jelly lolly with a granulated sugar coating. They come in a variety of shapes – round, rectangular and diamond, with the flavours corresponding to the colour – strawberry (red), lime (green), orange (orange), pineapple (yellow) and sometimes blackberry (dark purple or black) and lemon (pale yellow). There is a much harder texture jube available – the always popular Marella jube.


You will get 18 soft jubes in 100g and they contain sugar, water, gelatine, wheat starch, wheat glucose syrup, food acid, flavours, colours. They are suitable for nut and dairy free dietary constraints/choices.

A nifty idea for your next batch of biscuits – cut up a variety of soft jubes into small pieces and place on the top of the biscuits before cooking. If you are artistic it can resemble a stained glass window when they are baked!

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