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in Aussie Favourites

Snakes are a jelly confectionery usually about 16cm long with either a diamond or striped pattern along their length. Our snakes are made by Allens (Snakes Alive) and come in 5 colours – maroon, red, orange, yellow, green and very occasionally blue.

You will get 11 snakes in 100g They contain glucose syrup, cane sugar, gelatine, thickener, food acid, flavours, colours and are suitable for dairy and nut free dietary constraints/choices.

Snakes are great for all sorts of cake decorating and I have even heard of a family that uses them in the classic game”Snakes and Ladders”, with the ladders being made from musk sticks. Whoever wins the game gets to keep (or share) the lollies!

I wonder who first thought to make a lolly in the shape of a snake and why they have remained so popular over the years given that actual snakes are not……….


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