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Single Colour Marshmallows

in Aussie Favourites
single colour marshmallow puffs

Introducing a brand new addition to the single colour range for lolly buffets and parties. These treats are a cross between marshmallows and clouds – texture of marshmallow with a sugar coating like clouds, flavours also follow the cloud range: red for strawberry, blue for blue raspberry, green for melon, purple/lilac for grape and white for vanilla. To distinguish them from clouds and marshmallows when talking about them , they are called “puffs”.



You will get 15 puffs in 100g and they contain glucose and fructose syrup, water, gelatine, milk proteins, flavourings and colours. They would be great as a filler for big containers in a lolly buffet as they are individually light but large in size – about twice the size of a standard marshmallow.

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