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SherbiesSherbies are an orange chewy toffee with a fizzy sherbet centre. They come individually wrapped in a bright orange and blue waxed paper.

You will get 12 Sherbies in 100g and they contain sugar, glucose(from corn), hydrogenated vegetable fat, mineral salt,  acids, flavours, colours, emulsifiers. They are suitable for gluten and nut intolerances but are made on equipment that processes milk products, so not for lactose intolerance. They are also suitable for a vegan diet.

When researching the background for my posts about the lollies and chocolates in the shop, I try to cover both customer memories and some interesting information from the internet. In the case of Sherbies the results were the same – everyone talked about how they were a favourite from the 70s and 80s in the mixed bag of lollies you could get from the local milk bar.

This in turn led to a discussion of the other lollies, chocolates and ice creams that we either saved up to buy or bought using bus money and walked to school instead!

Of the items on the list, I have carried the following in the shop:

Sherbies, Choo Choo bars, Toffee Apple bars, Redskins, Milkos, Milkshakes, Cobbers, Freckles, Clinkers, White Knights, Curly Wurly, Wizz Fizz, Sherbet Cones, Sherbet Fountain, Teeth, Fads, Big Boss.


PRODUCTION OF SHERBIES HAS BEEN SCALED DOWN AS OF SEPTEMBER 2015. The manufacturer no longer offers them as a bulk individual item, however you should be able to get a limited amount in the mixed bags (also contain small versions of redskins and milkshakes) available at supermarkets.

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