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Sherbet Fountain

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Barratts Sherbet FountainA Sherbet Fountain these days is sold in a plastic tube with twist-off lid, with a stick made from liquorice. Many fans regret the replacement of the former paper packaging, which allowed an extra dimension of enjoyment: the crushing of the caked lumps of sherbet as the paper cylinder was rolled between the hands. The top of the licorice stick is supposed to be bitten off to form a straw and the sherbet sucked through it, where it fizzes and dissolves on the tongue. Some people prefer to either dip the liquorice in the sherbet and lick it off or to tip the sherbet into their mouths and eat the liquorice separately.

When paired with liquorice, sherbet is typically left unflavoured in a white form and with a higher reactive agent so that it causes a fizzy foam to develop in the mouth.

Sherbet Fountains are not manufactured by Barratts these days. From November 2013 they are produced by Candy Land but will still be seen in the distinctive yellow container.


Supply is very sporadic so they are no longer always available for purchase via the website, sorry. If the button does not appear below then email me so I can let you know the current state of supply and pricing.


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