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Rosey Apples

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rosey apple

For many Aussies of my generation, rosey apples were the one lollipop we were allowed to have as children. I remember them as being the colour of a jonathon apple and tasting similar to a toffee apple (the coloured toffee covered ones not the chewy bar).

These days rosey apples, still made by the Sydney based confectioers, Johnsons, are a red and green ball shape lollipop with a hint of orange colour (to make the apple look shiny I guess).

Rosey apples are sold individually and contain sugar, wheat glucose, sugars and flavours.

Just a bit of trivia – I dont think our rosey apple will be popular in the US with this name as the rosy apple aphid has been a major pest of apple trees in North America since the end of the 19th century. It is the most serious of the five aphid species attacking apple, causing leaf, fruit and systemic root damage. In severe outbreaks, up to fifty percent of the fruit have been injured.

Of course, our rosey apples remain a popular favourite for those of us who started consuming lollipops before the advent of Kojak and Chupa Chups.


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