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Ring Pops

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ring-popsRing Pops are a brand of fruit flavored lollipops. The name reflects the lolly – a plastic disc and ring topped with a hard candy gem shaped lollipop.

In 1977, Ring Pops originally made it onto the shelves as only cherry and grape, but now there are more than ten flavors to choose from, with seasonal and limited edition varieties spicing up the mix. Currently the flavours include:-

Blue raspberry
Twisted Berry Blast
Twisted Cotton Candy

According to the manufacturer, since August of 1977 there have been about three billion Ring Pops sold. When placed end-to-end, the pops sold since their debut would circle the earth nearly four times.

Age has served the brand’s popularity well, and likenesses of Ring Pops have been spotted everywhere from the cover of MAD Magazine to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Our most common request at the Lolly Shop Wangi is for Ring Pops to be used in treasure chest birthday cakes. They are available by special order (box of 24).

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