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Redskins and Milkos

in Aussie Favourites

Two of the all time favourites for many generations….. Redskins and Milkos (and no, before you ask, I can’t find the spearmint ones anywhere!)



A chewy red berry flavoured stick that has been a favourite for generations of Aussies – despite their tendency to pull teeth and fillings!



A vanilla flavoured stick about the same size as a Redskin – with the same pulling abilities! Milkos should not be confused with “Milkshakes” which are a smaller version (about the size of a Sherbie) and about which I will write in a later post – we have both in stock at the Lolly Shop Wangi.

The debate flows constantly about which is better – Redskin or Milko – along with the other great debate – red frogs or green frogs…….I am not going to take sides!

Here’s a recipe to help with your debating skills:

Redskin Vodka
Drink half a bottle of vodka then place about 6 Redskin sticks in the bottle. Leave for up to 4 days for them to dissolve into the vodka then strain and serve on ice with lemonade.

This recipe can also be used for Milkos, musk sticks, red frogs, green frogs…..but I’ve probably led you astray enough by now!


PRODUCTION OF MILKO and REDSKIN sticks HAS BEEN SCALED DOWN AS OF SEPTEMBER 2015. The manufacturer no longer offers them as a bulk individual item, however you should be able to get a limited amount of the smaller size in the mixed bags (also contain Sherbies) available at supermarkets.


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