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Red Frogs | Green Frogs

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Red Frogs-Green Frogs


Red frogs are another of our alltime favourites. Green frogs also have a fan following however I have yet to see a customer who buys both at the same time!

Sadly in late 2014, manufacturing of full size green frogs was discontinued.

Our frogs are Allens – an Australian brand of confectionery that has been around since 1891, though these days it is owned by Nestle Australia.

As I said, red frogs are by far the most popular of the two colours and these days I believe you can also get yellow ones although we do not carry them.

In convenience stores and supermarkets there are mixed packs available – it would be interesting to see how the sales compare to single colours alone.  I have a customer who uses 1.3kg bulk bags of green frogs as the wager for any bets she has with her best friend of 50+ years. She recently told me she doesn’t share them when she wins but can sit down to a massive 1.3kg on her own!

You’ll get 14 frogs (both colours weigh the same) in 100g and frogs are made from glucose syrup, cane sugar, thickener, gelatine, food acid, flavour and colour. Red frogs use colour 122 whilst green ones have 102, 133. Frogs are suitable for nut free dietary considerations.

Frogs are also a favourite for that great kids party recipe – frogs in the pond. You can use chocolate frogs but with the Australian weather being the way it is it might be safer to use something that can stand a bit more heat.

If you want to see a good joke about frogs and chickens have a look at the post about the lolly  called chicken feet.

In November 2010 in Australia 300,000 red frogs were used to help raise awareness of a chaplaincy service for the Gold Coast schoolies week.



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