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Racing Cars | Racing Car Lollies

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racing cars

Racing cars (from Allens) are a jelly lolly in a variety of colours and flavours made in the shape of a Formula 1 race car.

I have to admit I was not aware of how popular they are until I was beseiged by requests for them as they are not generally available on their own but come in the mixed packs of Allens lollies sold in supermarkets.


You will get 22 racing cars in 100g. They contain glucose syrup, cane sugar, thickener, gelatine, food acid, flavours, colours and are suitable for dairy free dietary constraints/choices.

Although I couldn’t find any historical information on when these lollies were introduced by Allens, I can give you some information on the Allens brand itself.

Allens was founded by Alfred Weaver Allen (1870–1925), a Melbourne confectioner. Originally employed by MacRobertson’s, he commenced confectionery production in the 1890s at his Fitzroy confectionery shop. By 1909, Allens was the third largest confectionery business in Melbourne, after those of MacRobertson and Abel Hoadley. It launched as a public company in 1922 and erected a vast factory on the banks of the Yarra River, where its animated neon sign was a local landmark up to its demise in the 1980s.

Allens abandoned chocolate production after World War II, however it became Australia’s largest confectionery company. Allens was purchased by UK-based Rothmans Holdings in 1985, and later sold to Nestle. Allens is still the top brand in sugar confectionery in Australia.

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