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Peanut Brittle – Cashew Brittle

in Aussie Favourites
peanut brittle

Brittles are confections, usually very hard and brittle, which consist of flat
broken pieces of hard sugar candy embedded with nuts such as cashews, pecans and almonds, as well as legumes such as peanuts.

To make peanut brittle, a mixture of sugar and water is heated to the hard crack stage corresponding to a temperature of  around 300 °F (approx. 150 °C). Peanuts are mixed with the caramelized sugar. At this point spices, leavening agents, and sometimes peanut butter or butter are added. The hot mixture is poured out onto a flat surface for cooling, traditionally a granite or marble slab. When the brittle cools, it is broken into pieces.

Cashew brittle is made the same way with cashews and cashew pieces added in place of the peanuts and peanut butter.

Brittle does not travel well by post or courier so it is not avavilable for purchase online.


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