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Old Age Pills

in Aussie Favourites
Unusual and Fun Gift

Looking for an unusual gift? If the recipient has a good sense of humour how about a container of our famous Old Age Pills.

These fun gifts have been a hit since I first put them on display over 7 years ago. Presented in a clear pastic container with a screw top lid (or a glass medicine style bottle, depending on which packaging I have in stock), there are printed instructions on what combination of colours to take for each of the listed “old age ailments”.

Following some requests I also have the “pills” in capsule form for those who prefer to take their medicine this way.

Each container contains 300g of either pills (Smarties) or capsules (Jelly Beans). If nothing else, they’ll bring a smile and some laughter to your recipient. Its pretty easy to make up your own – you get to decide the combination of colours for the ailment in question!

Let me know if they work!!

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