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Mint Leaves

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mint leaves

Mint leaves (spearmint leaves) are a mint flavoured sugar coated jelly lolly in the shape of a leaf. Very popular as a Christmas decoration for cakes and mini puddings, they are , regardless of the season, a constant seller in the shop. We carry the Allens brand of mint leaves – a smaller, harder version than some of the competitor products.

Allens discontinued production of Spearmint Leaves in November 2014. There are other brands still available.

You will get 30 mint leaves in 100g and they contain cane sugar, glucose syrup, thickener, flavour and colours.They are suitable for dairy and nut free dietary constraints.

Mints are hardy, rapidly growing perennial plants native to Europe and Asia. Peppermint, one of the most widely grown and used forms, is a hybrid of spearmint. Ancient Greeks and Romans used mint leaves to relieve pain, and mint has been used in natural medicine to alleviate indigestion for nearly as long. Modern scientific studies have uncovered a variety of potential health benefits for mint.

One of my most popular requests is for the following instructions for an edible centrepiece:-

Edible Mint Leaf Tree Table Decoration
melted chocolate
6 ice cream cones
800 gm mint leaf lollies, silver cachous (small silver candy balls) and small coloured lollies for decoration
To Assemble Trees:
• Stack 3 cones together with a little of the chocolate between each cone ,then stick the cones onto a base or plastic plate with a little chocolate.
HINT: When decorating, start from the base of the cone and work around the cone
and up, in sections.
• Apply a little chocolate to the back of a mint leaf, press mint leaf onto the cone (pointing down), working your way gradually up the cone, overlapping as you rise.
• Spread the tip of the cone with chocolate and stick on silver cachous, as a sparkling decoration on the top of the tree.
• Use chocolate to stick on small coloured lollies or silver cachous to resemble decorations.
• Repeat procedure with remaining chocolate, cones and leaves. Sift a little extra icing sugar over the trees.

mint leaf tree


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