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Milk Bottles

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milk bottles

Milk bottles are yet another of my favourites….you might be hard pressed to find too many lollies or chocolates on these pages that are not!

I prefer the old style milk bottles – about the size of your small finger – not the more readily available ones which are smaller and more in the gummi line of texture. I favour the older style ones as they have an outer shell that is slightly harder than the inside, are bigger and have that combination of chewy, creamy texture reminiscent of fresh milk.

You will get 16 milk bottles in 100g and they contain skim milk powder, vegetable oil, soya lecithin, colours and flavours. They are suitable for gluten free dietary constraints.

Some milk bottle trivia for you today:
– In the 1986 version of the movie Labyrinth, there are two milk bottles at the door of the Goblin Castle
– At the Indianapolis 500 car race in the USA, after three-time winner Louis Meyer drank buttermilk in Victory Lane in 1936, a milk industry executive made an effort to have future winners repeat the gesture, and it eventually stuck.
– In the past, milk was always packaged in glass milk bottles (and some countries still have milk delivered this way). Milk cartons first came to Australia in 1958, when the Model Dairy in Melbourne began packaging milk in 150 ml and 500 ml cartons. At the time, 160,000 new glass bottles were needed in Melbourne alone every week to keep up the delivery of 1.3 million bottles of milk a day.
In 1970, the blow-moulded disposable plastic milk bottle was introduced. By 1987, only about 2% of milk was still being sold in glass bottles.

I am of the generation that had milk delivered to school for consumption at recess. In summer it was always a race to get to the milk before the magpies had pierced the foil cap and sampled the cream……or before the sun had baked the milk to an interesting consistency.

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