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Marella Jubes

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marella jubesMarella jubes are a hard fruit flavoured jelly jube with a sugar coating.


Jubes, a popular lolly in countries of the Commonwealth (Australia, UK, New Zealand etc) are chewy gelatine-based sweets with some similarities to jelly-like confectionery common elsewhere. Traditionally, they are small, squishy, colourful blobs with a flat base.

You will get 26 jubes in 100g of Marella jubes and they contain glucose syrup (wheat or corn), cane sugar, thickener, gelatine, food acid, flavours, colours. They are suitable for nut free diets and many of my diabetic clients get them to keep handy for an emergency sugar hit. They are also popular with truck drivers as the jube is long lasting and tasty, remaining hard in your mouth for some time before being pliable enough to chew. The mix of flavours is lemon, pineapple, orange, berry, blackcurrant, lime.

Marella jubes have been available for generations but I couldnt find any history of them from the manufacturer (Allens) to share with you. If you have a Marella jube story, let me know so I can feature it here for others to enjoy.

Update – I have now received a wonderful email from Elizabeth who is sharing with us the history behind the name.

“I would be pleased to let people know how Marella Jubes came into being.

I have no idea when they were first manufactured however my grandfather was Chairman Of Life Savers and purchased 5 acres of land in Mars Road Lane Cove Sydney in the 1960’s I think. On this site lollies such as milk bottles, green & red frogs, snakes etc were manufactured by Mastercraft then Walco made Quick-eze, and Smalls Chocolates made very dark chocolate and of course all the life savers were produced on this site

Cadbury’s took over Life Savers but that was quite some time after my grandfather had left.

Now as for the name Marella Jubes, I remember my grandfather telling me he had to come up with a name in an afternoon and as was his habit he would go down to Sydney Harbour to allow himself some inspiration and that afternoon a ship sailed into Sydney and he saw the name SS Marella, and there you have it the famous jube derives its name from a nautical serendipity!”.

My sincere thanks to Elizabeth for sharing this with us.


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