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Eucolypties or lypties are a hard round eucalyptus flavoured candy white in colour and about the same size as a kool mint. They are one of our best sellers across Australia.

Eucalyptus oil is readily steam distilled from the leaves and can be used for cleaning, deodorising, and in very small quantities in food supplements, especially sweets, cough drops and decongestants.

You will get 18 lypties in 100g. Lypties contain sugar, wheaten glucose, citric acid, eucalyptus oil, gelatine, glazing agents.

Why do we use eucalyptus for easing the symptoms of colds and other winter chills?
Eucalyptus oil has antimicrobial activity against a broad range of microorganisms.Eucalyptus oil is the generic name for distilled oil from the leaf of Eucalyptus, a genus of the plant family Myrtaceae native to Australia and cultivated worldwide.

When did we start using eucalyptus oil?
Australian Aboriginals use eucalyptus leaf infusions as a traditional medicine for treating body pains, sinus congestion, fever, and colds.

Dennis Considen and John White, surgeons on the First Fleet, distilled eucalyptus oil from Eucalyptus piperita found growing on the shores of Port Jackson in 1788 to treat convicts and marines. Eucalyptus oil was subsequently extracted by early colonialists, but was not commercially exploited for some time.

Why only use small quantities?

The probable lethal dose of pure eucalyptus oil for an adult is in the range of 0.05 mL to 0.5 mL/per kg of body weight. Severe poisoning has occurred in children after ingestion of 4 mL to 5 mL of eucalyptus oil.
If consumed internally at low dosage as a flavouring component or in pharmaceutical products at the recommended rate, eucalyptus oil is safe for adults.

If you are seeking an alternative method for treating congestion and sinus symptoms, I can recommend eucalyptus.

UPDATE – June 2019 The Australian manufacturer of  lypties has undergone a change to its distribution model. I do not have any stock of lypties at present and do not know when I may receive stock.

Sorry to disappoint you – when I have stock again the Buy buttons will be reinstalled on this page.

Thanks for your understanding.

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