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Jersey Caramels

in Aussie Favourites
jersey caramels

Jersey caramels are yet another Aussie favourite. A soft caramel square with three layers of caramel flavoured fudge – a white layer sandwiched between two light brown ones.

During a recent spate of dental work, jersey caramels were still soft enough for me to enjoy and give me some energy to face the day! I know…..any excuse!

They are a solid, dense cube of confectionery so you will get 12 in 100g. They consist of glucose, sugar, soft icing sugar, sweetened condensed milk, flour, vegetable oil, water, flavour, gelatine, salt.

I have two decadent suggestions for using jersey caramels apart from eating them as is. The first is a simple addition to your favourite muffin recipe – place a whole jersey caramel into the centre of the muffin mix when it is about to be placed in the oven. The caramel will melt during the cooking process and give you a liquid caramel burst in the centre of your muffin when eating it. Yum!

The second is my absolute favourite way to have caramel topping on ice cream. Place some jersey caramels in a saucepan with a small amount of cream and melt to combine. Then just drizzle over ice cream and consume very, very slowly …..

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