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Ice Creams | Ice Cream Cones

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ice creams

A coloured and flavoured jelly/mallow confectionery, these morsels look just like a miniature ice cream cone with flavoured ice cream sitting on top.

You will get 32 in 100g and they contain sugar, wheat glucose syrup, acid, wheat and tapioca starch, gelatine, vegetable oil, flavours, colours. They are not suitable for allergy restricted diets.

The colour of the ice cream section sometimes bleeds into the cone but this doesnt detract from their charm. My grandson came up with the best line about these a few years back. Looking at the bag of lollies he had, he said “Look, the ice cream is melting I better eat them all straight away”…..and he did (before his mother or I could stop laughing).

With that in mind, here’s a few “ice cream” jokes:

What did the cake say to the ice cream?
You’re cool!

What did the ice cream say to the birthday cake?
Hey, what’s eating you?

What do ghosts serve for dessert?
I Scream.

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