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Humbugs and Bullseyes

in Aussie Favourites

Bullseyes and humbugs are only available by special order. Please email me if you are interested, thanks.

Whenever we were going on a long car trip, there was always either bullseyes or humbugs to keep us quiet in the back seat! Was it the same for you?

Humbugs are a traditional hard boiled sweet available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They are usually flavoured with aniseed and striped in two different colours (often black and white). Humbugs are typically cylinders with rounded ends or else pinched cylinders. They are more often eaten in winter than summer, as they are considered “warming.”



A similar sweet is “Bulls-eye” which has red and white stripes like a humbug but is spherical like an aniseed ball. These are peppermint flavored and are also known as bullets in the UK as the traditional shape is similar in size to smoothbore musket balls.


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