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Honey Bears

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honey bears

Honey bears are honey flavoured yellow coloured hard jelly bears similar in size to gummi bears.

These are a glucose based lolly so great for a quick sugar hit for kids doing sporting activities.

You’ll get 20 honey bears in 100g and they contain glucose syrup, sugar, wheat starch, food acid, flavour, colours, gelatine. They are suitable for lactose and nut intolerance dietary constraints.


I had clients that travelled to Wangi specifically to get their honey bears.We used paper bags for our lollies (not chocolates) in a range of sizes as you would expect. One of my honey bear fans would start eating her purchase before she left the shop and categorises the size of the bags by how long the honey bears last – the small bags are called Eraring bags, the next size is Dora Creek and she has yet to be able to find a bag that will last till she gets home to Bonnells Bay (we’re talking a 15 minute drive here not a vast Australian distance!). Another honey bear client has a story of only being able to buy them when travelling to Tasmania and keeping a big stash in her bedroom when she returned only to discover that her mum loved them as much as she did ….and had found the hidden supply!

I couldn’t find any history on the introduction of honey bears to the Australian confectionery scene so if you know a bit about them drop me a line and I’ll add it to the site for others to enjoy and reminisce.

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