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Gummi Lips | Hot Lips

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gummi lips

Gummi lips or hot lips or kisses are red lip shaped lollies with a berry flavour. They are very popular around Valentines Day and combined with heart shaped lollipops for wedding favours.

You will get 38 lips in 100g and they contain glucose syrup, gelatine, vegetable oil, colours, flavours. Gummi lips are suitable for gluten, lactose and nut intolerances.

Let’s learn a little bit about red lips – Throughout history, women (and men in Roman times) have been painting their lips red.Ancient Egyptians painted their lips red and lined their eyes with khol.In ancient Japan, the geishas painted their faces white and their lips red. Red lips are a universal symbol of beauty.

In my youth I remember using a red jelly bean as pretend lipstick – now I could just use some gummi lips!

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