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gobstoppersThe definition of “gobstopper” from 1925 is a large hard
confectionery ball shape consisting of different
coloured concentric layers that are revealed as it is

With this in mind and the popularity and wow factor of
the various sizes, I carried 4 different gobstoppers at the Lolly Shop Wangi. The smallest size has a
diameter of 3.5cm (, size 2 is 4cm, size 3 (starting to get too big for a mouth) is 5.5cm and our monster gobstoppers are 7cm.

Along with pythons, giant jaffas, giant lollipops, giant cola bottles and ginormous gummi bears, the largest of these gobstoppers will stop customers in their tracks.

I do have customers in their twenties who travel specifically to get one of the largest ones having heard stories from relatives or friends about the size of them. Many of the local junior fraternity will save up to get one. I have asked them to let me know when they finish the gobstopper but am still receiving updates on the progress of the eating.

When one of my regulars was asked by an adult customer how to eat the largest gobstopper, this was the reply –

“You lick one side until your tongue bleeds, then put it in the back of the fridge where mum wont find it. Start on the other side when your tongue is better and repeat the process until its small enough to fit in your mouth (about 6 months) or your mum finds it and throws it out.” He didnt seem to mind that it would eventually be thrown out, the challenge was how long you could last in that first session before your tongue gave in under pressure!

Gobstoppers contain sugar, glucose, fruit acid, tapioca dextrin, colours, flavours, carnauba wax and are sold individually.


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