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Ghost Drops

in Aussie Favourites

ghost dropsGhost drops are a hard boiled round lolly about the size of a jaffa. They are individually wrapped and come in 4
colours/flavours – green, blue, red, black.

Ghost drops are similar to Zappos and their claim to fame is
the ability to change the colour of your tongue to whatever
colour the wrapper is – blue, green, black, red.

Along with Wicked Fizz Blue bars, they are popular among my customers when the football season is nearing grand final time as our local teams all have blue as one of their colours. It’s apparently part of the fan custom to be able to cheer with a blue mouth!

Ghost drops contain sugar, corn syrup, food acid, flavour, colour.

I find them a great bonus around Halloween as each wrapper has a picture of a wafting ghost and they are easy to use as treats because of the small size and indiviual wrapping.

Just this weekend past I heard a custonmer urging his mate to get ghost drops instead of TNT chews because “they change the colour of your tongue, dude”.


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