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Flying Saucers | UFOs

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Flying saucers or UFOs are a small puffed disk of wafer (unkindly called cardboard by non fans), filled with a tangy sherbet.

Even amongst the staff at the Lolly Shop Wangi, we had those who loved and those who detested the humble UFO.And there are a number of techniques for the correct consumption, however, my preferred method is to place the UFO completely into your mouth, let your saliva dissolve the outer covering and then enjoy the sherbet fizz.

UFOs contain sugar, dextrose, maize starch, tartaric acid, sodium bicarbonate, flavourings, colours. They are suitable for soy, dairy, nut, gluten free and vegan intake.

UFOs are often considered an English confectionery but are made by the Belgian company Astra. Although we get a container of mixed colours, Europeans can order one colour casings – particularly popular for lolly buffets and colour themed celebrations.

At this years international trade show in Cologne, the Astra stand was made completely from huge bowls of UFOs. I had to get a photo just for one of my staff who would live off them if he could!

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