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Fantales are a perennial Aussie favourite of semi hard caramel covered in chocolate. They  are individually  wrapped in distinctive yellow and blue paper with movie and movie star information printed on them. These days the information covers topics like Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Grease, High School Musical, Russell Crowe, Wolverine, Lara Croft and Johnny Depp.

Fantales came onto the market in 1940 and were produced by the Sydney company Sweetacres. They became popular with movie-goers of the time who would save their pocket money for the Saturday matinee when you could spent the afternoon at the “pictures” and consume such wholesome food as a chocolate covered ice cream cone and some fantales, jaffas or minties. Many stars of the silver screen have been featured on the wrapper over the years and more recently a Melbourne teacher used Fantales as the inspiration in her lessons, asking year 7 students to write their own Fantales biography.

You will get 14 Fantales in 100g and they contain glucose syrup, sweetened condensed milk, sugar, vegetable fat, butter oil, salt, gelatine, whey powder,cocoa, flavouring, emulsifiers, soya lecithin, compound chocolate. Fantales are manufactured by Nestle in Australia and I am not aware of any competitive product that carries movie information on the wrapper.

Along with Minties these were the staple lolly of the 1950s and 1960s in Australia. Both in the schoolyard and on car trips there would be competitions to see who could produce the longest continuous piece of wrapper after tearing it into a thin strip.

From a list of “What it Means to be Australian” , I found this gem – You know that you can’t eat Fantales alone…. Otherwise who will you play the ‘Who am I…’ game with when you’re reading the wrapper?

Fantales are still a great favoutite for those who have teeth and fillings not strong enough to eat Cobbers (which have a harder caramel inside).


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