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Conversation Hearts

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conversation heartsConversation hearts are a hard paste lolly in the shape of a
heart with special messages impressed into the surface. They
come in a variety of sizes both loose and in roll packets –
most popular for wedding bonboniere and cake decorating.



Conversation hearts come in orange, yellow, pink, mauve, blue, brown and white with the following messages randomly printed :
Dream On
Love Not War
Twitter Me
Call Me
U 4 Me
Lets talk
Bug Off

You will get 16 in 100g and they contain sugar, gelatine,
wheat glucose, cornflour(wheat), food acid, flavours, colours.

Recently I had a bride come in to order some conversation
hearts. She asked if I could do specific colours and of course
I was happy to oblige. When I asked how many she needed she
replied “1600”. Lucky I have very helpful parents who spent a
happy afternoon sorting 12kg of conversation hearts into the
various colours so I could then extract 1600 in the required

Who says life is dull in the lolly world?

P.S. If you are making the “Toadstool/Mushroom” cake for a birthday party, these conversation hearts are perfect.


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