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Chewy chocolate and caramel Cobbers are a famous Australian lolly favourite.
Cobbers also have a reputation as the best sweet way way to lose a filling from your teeth! Though with the improvements in dentistry these days that’s not the problem it once was.

Despite this many of my customers still can’t resist taking away a reminder of their youth.

Cobbers conjure up many Australian an Anzac sentiments of mate-ship and Aussie spirit. Indeed the name cobber itself is Australian parlance for good friend or “good mate” as we say here in Oz.

The Genuine Allen’s Cobbers are one of our my popular lollies.

A lot of customers seem to remember cobbers being bigger than the current those currently available. Without being able to compare the two side by side its hard to say.

So many things seemed so much bigger when we were kids. My answer to this confection observation is just eat more of them…lol.

Sadly, I couldn’t find any history on the origin of these popular sweets. If you know something about the famous chocolaty, chewy cobber, please drop me a line or call in to the shop.

Have a great day…. Cobber!

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