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Clouds | Radical Storms

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red cloudsClouds (strawberry clouds, red clouds) were one of the original lollies we stocked when we opened the Lolly Shop Wangi. They are a strawberry flavoured jelly confectionery with a coating of coloured sugar. Blue clouds (blueberry) soon joined the flavour range we carried , followed by grape and melon. Multi coloured “radical storms” are a mixed fruit variety and there is a  new flavour trialled each (2009 -pineapple, 2010 – bubblegum, 2011 – blackcurrant, 2012 – lemonade, 2013 – sherbet fizz).

Depending on the manufacturer they are either called clouds or storms. They are a cloud shaped jelly mallow style of lolly and again depending on the brand may also have a smiling face on one side. Sometimes the red ones are confused with lips as they do resemble a pair of lips pressed together.

You will get 18 clouds in 100g and they contain glucose syrup, sugar, gelatine, corn starch, humectant(420), invert sugar syrup, acid(330), flavours, colours.

Clouds are good for decorating cakes as they can be made to look like fish scales, rainbows, jewels, pillows.

The bulk supplies come in resealable plastic boxes which have a residue of loose coloured sugar from the clouds left in the base of the box. This is great for cake decorating.



Heres NZ Lolly Loga recipe for an interesting cake – A lolly cake or lolly log, very popular in New Zealand.

The traditional lollies used are Fruit Puffs which are like firm, slightly chewy marshmallows and are obviously fruity. Clouds work very well as substitutes.

* 125 g butter
* 180 g fruit puffs or clouds, cut into 4
* 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
* 250 g biscuits, crushed coconut
* 1 Tbsp cocoa

Melt butter, stir in condensed milk, cool. Stir in Fruit Puffs/Clouds and crushed biscuits. Shape into log and cover with coconut. Refrigerate.

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