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Chicos are a chocolate flavoured jelly baby very popular with one of our locals here at Wangi. He, like many of his generation, calls them “black babies” and will happily start eating them before I even get them into a bag.

Our Chicos are made by Allens and you will get 24 in 100g. They contain glucose syrup, sugar, thickener, gelatin, full cream milk, butter, cocoa, salt, flavours and are suitable for nut free diets. They are also 98% fat free!

Once again the available history of naming of these lollies is mixed in with the history of a Spanish/American confectionery. The word “Chicos” in Spanish translates to the English word “kids”.

In doing the research for this post I came across a discussion about whether the name of theses as Chicos would be considered racist along with Redskins. No definitive answer and I’m not going to start the debate again here.


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